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Northern Georgia at it’s Finest!

December 14, 2020

Spending the past week in Northern Georgia has been quite the Christmas adventure. I do believe that this has been the longest I have gone without blogging.  While in this beautiful part of America, we have thoroughly enjoyed the simplest of pleasures.  While I type, the rain pitter-pattering on our roof sounds heavenly.  Instead of spending a chunk of my evenings documenting our adventures, we have ended every day with a game of Blokus, puzzle-making, and a Christmas movie.  Being that this is Noah’s first, and probably the only time he will be spending Christmas in an RV, we went all out with the decorations. We might have gone a little overboard and as I look around, I am not quite sure how we are going to undecorate everything in preparation for our impending departure to Savannah.

We arrived at the Yonah Mountain Campground in Cleveland Georgia, eight days ago.  I would have to say, this has been my most anticipated stop on our RV adventure.  I remember finding this little hidden gem way back when we were somewhere on the western side of the United States.  After seeing all the cute little towns online, and especially after seeing how festive they all are at Christmas time, I decided to adjust our time in Savannah so we would be able to spend time in northern Georgia first.  It ended up being one of the best decisions I have ever made.

We left St. Augustine last Friday and spent the night in Perry which is smack dab in the middle of the state.  We enjoyed a great night out with our friends who live in nearby Macon.  We spent some time at there house as well, which was really nice..  No matter how homey we try to make our RV, being in an actual home always feels great.  Perry was hosting a Christmas event at their fairgrounds called, Vintage Market Days.  It was nice walking around and checking out what all the local vendors were selling.  We bought a cute snowman wall hanging to add to our collection of holiday décor.

The campground that we stayed at, Fair Harbor RV Park is one of our favorites for sure!  There were a whole bunch of friendly goats living on the property.  Several of them jumped the fence and were waiting eagerly to get some lovins’ from Noah.  We were only there for one day, but it was a great day😊

From Perry, we had a three-hour drive to Cleveland Georgia. With every mile, the terrain changed ever so slightly, until we were in the mountains of north Georgia.  The rolling hills were peppered with sprawling farms, each complete with a beautiful white fence. We could not help but point out every festively decorated wrap around porch attached to one of the many gorgeous homes. In addition to the beautiful homes, there were cute shops everywhere.

We arrived at our campsite with just enough daylight to enjoy Helen, which is located only four miles away.  Helen is what you would consider the epitome of a German Christmas town. I will let the pictures explain…

Dahlonega was next on our list of places to see.  Prior to arriving in northern Georgia, I ordered the Hallmark Christmas movie, “Christmas in Homestead” which was filmed in Dahlonega.  The little town looked like a Christmas paradise in the movie and it looked equally as amazing in person.  It was complete with horse drawn carriages and lights covering every beautiful brick building.  We ate at a Louisiana style restaurant that had outside seating overlooking the town.  The food was great, and the view was even better!  We enjoyed walking around the town and sharing in the holiday excitement.  Covid exists in our world, but so does the magic of Christmas:)

The next several days were filled with adventures all over the northern region of Georgia.  We dedicated one of the days to exploring a couple of the state parks, Amicalola Falls and Anna Ruby Falls State Park.  The waterfalls were massive! We highly recommend both of these parks. The falls are located within close proximity of the parking lot which is great if you have small children.

While Noah did his daily schoolwork, we enjoyed taking turns going on long walks with the dogs.  There is a private road next to our campsite that connects to Yonah Mountain. This is where the Army Rangers partake in the mountain portion of their grueling training. It warmed my heart when I saw a sign welcoming them into the private community.

One of the highlights of this leg of our trip was picking out, and cutting down our very own tree.  We visited a couple of tree farms before finding one that was not sold out.  Bottoms Christmas Tree Farm in Cummings had trees as far as the eye could see. 

 Yesterday was a wonderful lday!  We visited the towns of Helen and Dahlonega to watch their annual Christmas parades.  We also shopped around in a couple of old fashioned toy stores. Noah had so much fun:)

Today was our last day here. We will be heading south to Savannah tomorrow for the last part of our RV journey. The sky was blue and the temperature was absolutely perfect. We took a family walk up towards Yonah Mountain and with the last bit of sunlight, we enjoyed ice cream at the Creamery in the next town over.

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