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A Nomadic Thanksgiving

November 28, 2020

The day had finally arrived! Our original plan was to spend Thanksgiving in Ft. Lauderdale with Alex’s family but because of Covid, we decided to stay in the Panhandle of Florida and spend the day with our friends, Marc and Rebecca. Like I mentioned in a previous blog post, Rebecca and I decided ahead of time to share the baking and cooking duties. Marc and Rebecca had started a tradition several years ago of playing golf on Thanksgiving morning. My crew and I, including the pups went over their house while they were golfing, to get a head start on food preparation. I was so happy to be making a whole bunch of yummy food in an actual kitchen and not in my RV!

While I started to prepare my dishes, Alex and Noah helped our dogs get acquainted with Marc and Rebecca’s Lab, Bella. Surprisingly, they all got along really well.

After Marc and Rebecca returned home, Marc got started on his Thanksgiving masterpiece….a fried turkey! We ended having quite an amazing spread!

After dinner, Noah was lucky enough to jump in the neighbor’s jump house.

Marc and Rebecca’s friends stopped by after dessert and they had a daughter almost the same age as Noah! This was the absolute cherry on top. I don’t think Thanksgiving could have been any better, especially for Noah!

Considering everything that’s going on in the world, we are truly thankful to have been able to spend Thanksgiving the way we did. Even though Isaiah was spending it thousands of miles away, he was with people he loves and who love him❤️

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