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Sweet Home Alabama

November 25, 2020

Day two in Alabama was even more beautiful than day one.  We were up early so Noah and I could drop Alex off for his half-day fishing trip.  I had packed a bunch of snacks, sand toys and a soccer ball with us so Noah and I could enjoy a morning on the beach.  Being that it was rather chilly, and Noah was still snoozing in his car seat after we dropped Alex off, I decided to head back to the RV instead.  As soon as we pulled into the campground Noah woke up.  While I cleaned inside the RV, Noah worked on some schoolwork.  After the sun was a bit higher in the sky, we headed to the beach for some fun.  We played in the sand and Noah even got me in the water. 

Before we knew it, Alex was done fishing and we were on our way to pick him up.  I was so happy when I received a text with a picture of him holding a huge trout!  He caught several fish on his excursion which ended up becoming our lunch.  Alex’s fishing guide was not only a great fisherman, he also had some serious fish cleaning skills.  When I pulled into the marina to pick Alex up, he had his fish in a bag, ready to be fried and grilled.  A local restaurant, Mikee’s has a “hook it and cook it” option on their menu.  If you bring in a properly filleted fish, they will cook it up for you and serve it with several tasty sides.

After a very tasty and filling lunch at Mikee’s, we headed to the town of Fairhope.  After doing a little research on cute Alabama towns, Fairhope stood out as the cutest.  Not only was it cute, but their annual tree lighting ceremony was that night!  We pulled into town around three o’clock and found a parking space close to the downtown area.  The tree lighting was scheduled for 6 o’clock so we decided to walk around and support a couple of the local businesses.  I bought a cute pair of jeans and we found a popular coffee shop/local hangout called, the Coffee Loft.  It was located nearly a mile from where we were parked so by the time we walked back to the downtown area, the festivities were already in full swing.  The music was playing, and the street and sidewalks were packed with people dressed in colorful Christmas attire. 

We decided to find a spot by the large Christmas tree and wait for the magical moment.  Shortly before 6 o’clock, the Mayor said a few words and then preceded to count down to one of the most incredible tree lighting events we have ever seen. Between the music, lights and fake snow blowing from every streetlight, we were in awe.

After enjoying the celebration, we headed back to the truck and ultimately the RV park.  I do not think either one of us knew what to expect but we both agree that Fairhope Alabama was a town straight out of a Hallmark Christmas movie!

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