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We are Loving the Gulf Shores!

November 25, 2020

Time is flying by!  I cannot believe that we are already in the panhandle of Florida.  We have only been in Destin less than a day, but we are already in love! Before I blog about this hidden gem, I must tell you all about Alabama.  I really do not know how many people read my blog but I do know that one day Noah will be sitting in front of his computer reading about the year his parents decided to sell his mini farm and set sail in an RV.  My hope is that Noah will remember 2020 as the year that he explored the United States of America with his Mom, Dad, and three pups, and not as the year our Nation crumbled.

Alabama and a little bit of Florida…

We arrived at the KOA in Gulf Shores Alabama just in time to detach and head to the beach for the most amazing sunset.  The lady at the KOA front desk suggested Johnson Beach.  Despite it being in Pensacola Florida, it was actually within close proximity of us, so we decided to give it a shot.  We pulled into the Johnson Beach National Seashore and headed straight for the water. Noah was so excited to be there. He was running up and down the beach and in and out of the waves.  There were several people fishing and an audience of large sea birds surrounding them.  My guess is, it is a lot easier to catch maimed fish that a fisherman throws back in the water, than to dive for their own.

We spent the next day at the Orange Public Beach.  The water was quite rough, but this did not prevent Alex and Noah from jumping right in.  The dogs were not allowed on the beach, but they did spend plenty of time walking along the edge and playing in the sand.  Noah and I went on a long jog-walk and found a dehydrated fish along the way.  While Alex was walking the dogs, he met a fisherman who I later called to set up a fishing trip for him the next day.

After several hours of water, sand and sun, we decided to go for a drive to check out the Gulf Shores area.  The devastation from the recent hurricanes were evident around every corner.  Lost boats were still being pulled out of the ocean weeks after the last storm.  We ended up stumbling on a beautiful marina that was surrounded by woods and grass.  The dogs had a great time running all around this playground for the wealthy.  I am not sure if it is because of Covid, the recent hurricanes or because of the time of year but the place was deserted.  While the dogs played, Noah snoozed in the truck. 

We arrived at the campsite just in time for Noah to enjoy the last few minutes of daylight on the playground.

We stopped for some roadside Satsumas

Our day was packed full of everything a perfect beach day should be😊

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