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Our time in the West Monroe Area

November 16, 2020

Our time in the West Monroe area will be coming to a close (hopefully) tomorrow.  Our hitch has been causing us a bit of trouble the last few times Alex has detached and attached but when we arrived at The Pavilion RV Park in West Monroe Louisiana, Alex needed to use a crowbar to get it disconnected..  Being that it was Friday afternoon, I am so happy we acted fast.  We called the hitch company and after sending them a few pictures and a copy of the receipt, they started the process of sending us the piece that malfunctioned.  Thank God it was a piece that Alex was able to easily remove and we will not need to rely on the assistance of an RV repair shop.  According to the Fed Ex website, the piece should be delivered by 10:30, Monday morning.  With every passing hour, we are more and more eager to head out from here.  The owner of the RV park is a real sweetheart but the park itself is not very inviting. We are located in between a dog/donkey shelter and some sort of distribution company.  The sound of barking, combined with hee-haws has made for several restless nights.

We did try to make the most of our time here. We filled our days with exploration, playground fun, tennis, a visit to the zoo and trying the local cuisine.  I was hoping that we would be able to fill our bellies with a bunch of crawfish but soon found out that crawfish season is not until the end of January. 

Instead of crawfish, our date night ended up consisting of catfish and frog legs!

The zoo was awesome! At a price of $6 per adult and $4.50 per child, it was an absolute bargain! For an extra $3 per person, we took a train ride through the zoo which got us up close and personal with the animals. Noah said his favorite animal was the lion:)

Kiroli Park, located at 820 Kiroli Road in West Monroe is definitely one of the coolest parks we have ever been to. By charging $1 per person, it keeps the riff-raff away. There are three or more playgrounds within the park, along with tennis courts, a huge dog park and and trees everywhere! Noah had a ton of fun playing with the gazillion kids that were there:)

I discovered one of my new favorite stores! Located in Monroe, the Spice & Tea Exchange has so many of the things I love. I was there way longer than I am in most stores. If you love tea, spices, peppers, sugars, salts and cooking, you will love this place!

The weather was beautiful today so we spent the majority of our day at Forsythe Park, on and off the court:)

A visit to West Monroe Louisiana wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Duck Commander….

See you all in New Orleans!

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  • Uncle Bruce

    November 17, 2020 at 1:36 am

    Ahh yes, the adventure does not always work out as planned. Yet, still making the best of it is the best option. 👍🏼😊

    1. Melissa Gonzalez

      November 25, 2020 at 7:48 pm


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