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Halloween 2020 was NOT a Bust!

November 2, 2020

We made it to Williams Arizona in what I thought was record time until I remembered that we gained an hour when we came across the Utah/Arizona border. Then we lost it again last night, being that Arizona does not recognize daylight savings. These are things I didn’t really think about prior to hitting the road back in September. Nonetheless, we made it to the Circle Pines Campground in William Arizona with plenty of sunlight left in the day for Noah to play. As we were coming up on the exit, we saw what appeared to be some sort of theme park peppered with giant pines. As we exited, we realized that the awesomeness we just saw, was actually our campground! As we pulled in, the sound of children’s laughter flooded our truck. Noah was just waking up from a nap and could not be more happy to see a kid filled playground out his window.

As we were setting up at our campsite, we realized that there were several people we knew from Las Vegas settling in as well. At least a dozen families at the KOA were “Metro.” For those of you reading my blog for the first time, my husband and I are retired “Metro.” Metro being the abbreviation for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. This particular group of Metro families have made it a tradition to make the three hour drive from Las Vegas to Williams for the Halloween holiday and enjoy the great outdoors with friends. They certainly did not come empty handed, bringing with them all sorts of spooktacular decorations. Because of them, our section of the RV park was transformed into a Halloween wonderland!

Not knowing what to expect when we arrived in Williams, I had previously searched far and wide for a place to take Noah to on Halloween. We didn’t want Covid to take away from Noah experiencing some fun and fright. When I found Mortimer Farms online, I purchased the admission tickets for Halloween day. It appeared to be only 51 miles away from the campground but once I typed the address into my GPS, the 51 miles was as the “crow flies.” It was actually 77 miles as “Alex drives.” The distance was a bit farther than we wanted to drive especially after making the trek from Kanab the day before. As we pulled into the parking lot, the hour and twenty minute drive was soon forgotten. The farm was AMAZING! I’m not sure of the exact acreage, but it looked like a gazillion! There were hayrides, slides, ziplines, barns, cider presses, chickens, goats, an obstacle course, panning for gems, rides and a farm store. They even had a costume contest! As soon as they announced for the contestants to go on stage, Noah was the first one up. He didn’t win, but he had so much fun just being up there on stage with the other kids. The food was great too! Everything from the giant foil wrapped turkey legs and farm fresh corn to the farm made salsa and baked goods! We were there for hours enjoying the day and each other.

When we arrived back at the campground our neighbors were getting ready for the big celebration. Our row of RVs felt like a real-life neighborhood on Halloween night. It was complete with fog, haunted RVs, lights, music, strobes and KIDS everywhere! Noah had a blast and we enjoyed every bit of watching him be a part of this special night.

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