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Our Day in and around Zion

October 28, 2020

We have a few days left in Kanab and we want to make the most of our time here. Yesterday was freezing, so most of our time was spent inside. We did visit the playground up the street for about 30 minutes until we couldn’t take the wind and cold anymore! Our water actually froze last night. The RV park’s pipes weren’t wrapped and the owners didn’t turn off the water which equals….ice pipes! The temperature did end up getting into the 50’s so we enjoyed a full day outside. Our water is running now and warmer temperatures are in the forecast!

Thanks to another fulltime RV family’s post on Instagram, we took a hike in the Dragon’s Belly. This place was so cool! It’s located 16 miles north of Kanab and 1/2 mile south of Carmel Junction along Hwy 89. You will see a dirt road on the west side of the highway between two guard rails. After a 1/4 mile, there will be a parking lot on your left. The beginning of the trail is just a few steps from there. It’s a .5 mile hike and is perfect for all skill levels. Walking through the belly can easily be described as magical:)

From there, we headed to Zion National Park. We decided on the Canyon Overlook trail, located just east of the Zion-Mt. Carmel tunnel. The distance of the hike is 1 mile, out and back. There is a bit of climbing and several places where the path becomes narrow. With Noah, we have to make sure we keep our hikes enjoyable for him. If we pick ones that are too long or too strenuous he might end up hating our daily adventures. The Canyon Overlook trail ended being the perfect hike for us. Noah made an amazing rock puzzle near the top and while he scampered up every rock, he told us that climbing is his absolute favorite thing to do!

Right before the area that the majority of the hikers snap their famous canyon picture, their is a trail that leads you to a giant arch. Despite everyone else continuing towards the overlook, we decided to head down the path less traveled. By the time we got to the end of the path, we were nearly face to face with the giant arch. We also had an amazing view of the canyon, minus the obstruction of the chain link fence and tons of people. Check out my IG for the incredible video.

Dogs weren’t allowed on the trail but they enjoyed their time running around in a grassy area right outside my favorite Utah grocery store, Sol Foods Supermarket. We grabbed lunch there and enjoyed eating at the picnic table outside. It was another great day in Southern Utah:)

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  • Nenita

    October 28, 2020 at 9:02 pm

    Love love love!! Living the life…. you are so right about keeping the hiking appropriate for Noah… are youngest hates hiking because we did too many long, moderate ones… 🤷🏻‍♀️
    God bless you all!!!!

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