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October 25, 2020

We have been in Richfield Utah for three days and it has zoomed by!  Tomorrow we will be leaving for our next adventure!  The KOA here is awesome! It’s super kid and dog friendly, we met some great folks and there is a jogging/ATV path right outside the campsite gate. 

Our first morning in the Richfield/Monroe area was spent soaking in the Red Hills Hot Springs.  This was a free and less crowded (no one else in sight) alternative to the Mystic Hot Springs that are located just a short distance away.  I found the coordinates online, plugged them into my Maps app and voila, we found ourselves enjoying the beautiful Red Hills Hot Springs without a single soul in sight! Located at the end of a dirt road and tucked away against the mountains, the views were out of this world and the hot springs felt amazing.  I posted a couple of pictures here but there is an awesome video on my IG page.

From the hot springs we decided to take a hike at the Fremont Indian State Park, located at 3820 W. Clear Creek Canyon Road in Sevier, UT.  This is a great place for kids to learn about the original settlers of Utah and experience a little bit of how they lived. 

Today we packed a bag full of food to last us through the day and headed to Fish Lake.  This is the largest natural mountain lake in Utah and sits at more than 8,800 feet in elevation.  The temperature was in the low 50’s but the wind made it feel a bit colder.  Before we headed out on our adventure, I read about how the Earth’s single most massive living organism is in the Fish Lake National Forest.  Pando as it is referred to is, a clonal quaking aspen stand which is considered one organism because it’s 47,000+ trees are genetically identical and share a single root system.  This was Noah’s road-schooling science lesson of the day😊

The original purpose for our visit to Fish Lake was for Alex to catch some fish.  Unfortunately, with the choppy water, that did not happen, but we did experience something incredible.  The Kokanee Salmon were swimming upstream!  They were all shades of the rainbow and close enough for us to reach out and touch. A woman who I ended up exchanging contact info with was there with her granddaughter.  We all shared in the experience together which made it even more special.

From Fish Lake, we made our way back down the mountain towards our next stop in Venice Utah, The Knights Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch. The $7 per person entrance fee was so worth it.  We were lost in the corn maze for quite some time!  There were also endless activities for the kids which translates to endless laughter and smiles. 

As we were packing up to leave, Noah said that he was going to miss his apple tree the most. He discovered it next to our RV and was the first to try the small green apples. To our surprise, they tasted as sweet as candy! Our next stop is Kanab! We will see you there!

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