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Change can be a Beautiful Thing

October 18, 2020

I mentioned in a previous blog post that we were up until midnight a few days back making donuts. They are one of Noah’s favorite treats and we have not found a donut shop within a 50 mile radius of us. I had found a place online called Glacier Donuts but upon arriving to the address that our GPS took us to, it ended up being someone’s house. As we pulled up, in a hopeful tone Alex suggested that maybe the people ran the donut shop out of their home. I proceeded to get out of the truck, walk up to the front door and knock. An older gentleman answered looking quite puzzled and asked, “can I help you?” With my phone still in my hand, I lifted it to show him that according to my GPS, I had just arrived at Glacier Donut Shop. I then asked him if he had any donuts. He said “yes that is my address on your phone but no, I don’t have any donuts.” I told him that I was sorry for bothering him, we both chuckled and I headed back to the truck empty handed.

From that point on, Alex began his search for the perfect donut recipe. He had purchased a little notebook specifically for recipes and ingredients. For several hours over the course of a couple days he intently watch donut making tutorials. He also made several trips to Walmart and Homegoods purchasing the necessary materials to bring Gonzalez made donuts into fruition. After several days of preparation, the donuts were ready to be MADE! The only thing is, we did not consider the rise time of the dough. One of the goals of our our fulltime RV journey is to go with the flow and not worry about keeping a set schedule. With that said, we had donuts at midnight!! I am usually the cook and the baker in the house so it was a pretty awesome sight to see Alex and Noah creating the perfect homemade (rvmade) donuts, complete with an array of Halloween, rainbow and Christmas sprinkles.

In addition to donut making, another one of our projects has been growing microgreens. I had researched how to do this before we had started our RV adventure. According the tutorials I had watched, I would need paper towels, empty plastic produce containers, water, sunlight….and of course LOVE. Noah and I started the process about a week after we arrived in Montana. In just a week, our seeds went from this…..

To this….

and ultimately to this…

We added them to our eggs, soups and salads! Whether it’s making a recipe by hand or planting seeds and watching them grow, the experience is somewhere along the lines of magical. Prior to us hitting the road in our RV, we had a beautiful garden that Noah enjoyed immensely. We gave up a lot when we left our house but we have gained so much as well. Life is forever changing. I found the following quote that sums it all up. “The art of life lies in a constant readjustment to our surroundings.” – Kakuzo Okakura

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  • Alexander Gonzalez

    October 18, 2020 at 8:43 pm

    What a remarkable journey are we on! Beyond blessed to explore this gorgeous country of ours! Here’s to the many stops we have ahead 🇺🇸

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