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Kootenai Falls and Suspension Bridge

October 14, 2020

Yesterday we headed out for the town of Libby Montana. After seeing pictures of the Kootenai Falls and Suspension Bridge, I put it on our “must see” list. When we woke up in the morning it was raining quite a bit but we decided to take off on our adventure anyway. Rain or shine, we were going to make it a great day! The first 20 out of the 110 miles were rainy with a low cloud cover. As we got onto route 2 towards Kila Montana, the clouds cleared and the sun shined brightly for the remainder of our day. We passed lakes, creeks and river along the way and as we pulled into Libby we saw a sign that led us to Fish Pond Road. Alex pulled in and drove down to a beautiful pond surrounded by a walking path. While he tried his luck at fishing, Noah and I walked the dogs and had a Bey Blade battle on a nearby bench.

After we left the pond empty handed we went in search for a great cup of coffee and a Chai tea. We stopped at Copper Mountain Coffee to buy our hot drinks and an M&M cookie for Noah. They give free dog treats with every order! How cool is that?! Libby is called the city of Eagles because of the eagle statues that can be found throughout the town. The history of the town is rooted in the mining and timber industries. It was settled in the 1880’s and was named after a local miner’s daughter.

The Kootenai Falls and suspension bridge is located at milepost 21 on Montana Highway 2. This place was one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited and we were really surprised that there wasn’t more signage leading to the turnoff. It was less than a mile hike from the parking lot to the bridge. The path took us over another bridge and through the forest. Almost the entire way had peek-a-boo views of the raging Kootenai River. As we got to the clearing, Noah headed for the swinging bridge stairs and without a bit of fear climbed them and made his way across the bridge. We explored for a while on both sides of the bridge and walked down to the stone shore of the river for a closer view of the falls. Noah found several secret paths that led to hidden places. I even saw a bald eagle flying over the river in search of dinner. If you are ever in the area, this is a must see!

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