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Chill Days

October 12, 2020

The last few days have been what we call “chill days.” Two days ago we helped our friends (Isaiah’s girlfriend’s parents) move furniture into their rental property in Whitefish. It’s a beautiful townhouse with views of the ski slopes, Glacier and a river that is just yards away from their backdoor. Whitefish is an amazing town that really checks all the boxes. It’s within close proximity of an International airport, close to skiing and right around the corner from Glacier National Park and Canada. Not to mention all the lakes, rivers, creeks and hiking trails.

We stayed close to our RV park yesterday and we are enjoying the transition from warm weather to the colder temperatures that Montana is know for this time of year. We were blessed to enjoy weeks of seventy degree temperatures but are looking forward to a possible dusting of snow in the next week or so. Alex and Noah carved their pumpkin and we located a Pikachu costume that Noah has been asking for. We are officially in Halloween mode!

We spent some time playing in the wide open space at the back of our RV park. It’s the perfect spot for flying Noah’s drone that his Papa and Nonie sent him for his Birthday. Noah also discovered a giant apple tree. From the look on his face I don’t think these were the sweetest apples.

I almost forgot to report that Alex has had great success trying new things. He purchased a dutch oven and made an amazing peach cobbler over the coals. He also watched a bunch of tutorials and has mastered making the best Chai tea latte I have ever had!

We definitely love this place but last night I was in full on planning mode in preparation for the next several months. We will be heading out from Montana on October 23rd and adventuring south. Life in an RV has been an adjustment for all of us but it’s also been amazing in so many ways. Today and everyday I am truly thankful for the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone.

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