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The town of Hungry Horse

October 10, 2020

The name alone made me want to visit little town! Located 9 miles from the west entrance of Glacier National Park and home to the International Larix Arboretum.

We actually drove through Hungry Horse on the way to Glacier a couple weeks ago and stopped and stopped to get a coffee and chai latte.  We didn’t experience it fully until earlier this week when we dedicated several hours to this hidden gem.

The Hungry Horse Dam was on the list of possible fishing spots but like all of the others so far, we did not have one bit of luck. While driving from the main road to the dam we had no idea what to expect. As we arrived at the dam we were really surprised to see how big it was. Right after we drove across the dam there was an area to pull off the road. Alex decided to try fishing while Noah, the pups and I explored across the street where a small waterfall was making it’s way down the mountain. We took turns taking pictures and the dogs enjoyed drinking and playing in the frigid water.

After an hour or so, we loaded back into the truck and drove along the reservoir for several miles. We stopped a couple times to admire the view before heading back to the main road. Once the sun starts to set, being in the middle of nowhere is the last place we want to be. Several locals have told us to beware of black and grizzly bears, mountain lions and even wolves!


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