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On a Fishin Mission

October 9, 2020

Over the last few days we have attempted to find a place to fish from shore. We were quite successful down in Idaho but we haven’t had one bite up here in Montana. Out of all the lakes, reservoirs, rivers and creeks we have visited so far, we have not found one spot to successfully fish from the shore. Alex purchased a ten day fishing license and we are already five days in. Any suggestions out there??? We have explored all through the counties of Flathead, Lake, Glacier and Lincoln. Despite not catching any fish, we have definitely experienced some pretty amazing places.

Just as we were leaving the Whitefish area today, we found this cute little farm stand.

As we continued north into Lincoln County we stopped at potential fishing spots along the way. Dickey Lake was our first stop after the farm stand and it definitely did not disappoint. Lined with pines and multi-colored trees, Noah and the pups enjoyed the beach area while they all took turns running in and out of the crystal clear water.

After enjoying our time at this mountain oasis, we continued on our way towards Eureka. Downtown Eureka was tiny but it had so much character! After eating at Cafe Jax, we stopped at the Farmacy. This was the coolest place ever! It had a great selection of teas, soaps and natural remedies. The man behind the counter also gave us some fishing spot suggestions.

As we headed towards the local bait shop for some fresh worms, we stopped at G’s Homemade Ice Cream. The owner is a Veteran and the homemade ice cream was delicious. It was a win win for us!

From Eureka we headed towards Lake Koocanusa. This body of water is located 1/2 in Montana and 1/2 in British Columbia. The lake was formed in the early 1970’s when the Libby dam was built and the town of Rexford was almost completely flooded. A few of the historical buildings were moved to the town of Eureka while most of the buildings remain at the bottom of the 90 mile long lake. I’m thinking that this would be a pretty neat place to scuba dive! Alex didn’t have any luck fishing in this gorgeous lake either. After he packed up his fishing gear, we dipped down into what remains of Rexford and saw just a few buildings and an RV park.

By the time we pulled onto the main highway, the sun was beginning to sink behind the mountains. We decided to head back towards our neck of the woods before night set in. Once we entered the town of Bigfork, Alex wanted to try one more spot, Horseshoe Lake. And yet again, no luck.

At the end of the day, both literally and figuratively, we had a great time enjoying each other’s company and admiring the incredible scenery. Catching a fish would just have been the cherry on top of this already perfect day.

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  • Christopher Thomas

    October 9, 2020 at 8:43 pm

    So, I have looked at so many houses and land in this area. It is so beautiful there it would be a dream to live there or have a summer cabin. There was this one place in Eureka that i really liked. It was a log cabin that was totally off grid and they weren’t asking too much. I called the agent and asked a few questions about the property. He told me, “Ya know, I don’t know what you know about winters up here, but that property doesn’t have any access in the wintertime.” He spoke like someone from one of those Saturday afternoon westerns. I thanked him and passed on the property.
    I hope one day I can purchase something up there and just escape from the world. A realtor once asked me if I didn’t like people and I told him I love people, I just don’t want to be around them. LOL
    Well keep writing and I will keep reading

    1. Melissa Gonzalez

      October 10, 2020 at 12:51 am

      Uncle Chris,
      I love how you have been to all these really incredible places and can share your experiences! Alex and I love little towns that are off the beaten path. Montana is absolutely beautiful and it truly defines, “the great outdoors.” We were looking at little places for sale in Trego. I’m sure you looked there too. I totally agree with you…With everything going on in the world, a little cabin next to a lake is the perfect paradise us too!

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