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Staying Active and Engaged on the Road

October 8, 2020

While we have been in the Flathead County area, we have found several opportunities for Noah to interact with kids and play the sports he loves the most, soccer and tennis. The awesome people at the NSC Soccer program in Whitefish welcomed Noah with open arms. His practice this week fell on his birthday so the team sang to him and celebrated with cupcakes.

Today we stumbled on Whitefish Lake city beach. We got there just in time for Noah to play a pick-up game of soccer with several other kids.


When we arrived in Montana, we decided to join the Bigfork Athletic Club. Alex and I take turns working out and Noah makes use of their basketball and tennis courts. 
Noah and I also were able to obtain temporary library cards at the Bigfork library.  I didn’t even know this was possible until my fellow RVer friend, Cici told me that this was a real thing.  The librarian was so sweet and the cards allow each of us to take two items out at a time.
I also joined the Curative Yoga studio. In addition to studio classes, I was able to experience yoga at the Nest. The Nest is a small venue located on the Swan River.
Being that we will be on the road for quite some time we felt that maintaining some sense of normalcy is important for all three of us. These are definitely things to consider for anyone who is thinking about heading out on an RV adventure.

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