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Our time with Zay and Syd

October 6, 2020

Isaiah and Sydney flew back to Las Vegas today. They were supposed to leave last night but their flight kept getting delayed and then ultimately it was canceled. Despite Isaiah telling me to stay awake until they boarded, I dozed off only to be woken to a flurry of texts and calls from Isaiah. Not only was the flight canceled, but the airport had closed and Isaiah and Sydney were told that they had to exit. Being that I have lived in Las Vegas most of my life, the idea of an airport closing was foreign to me, but apparently, Glacier International Airport closes for several hours every night. And after hours of waiting for their flight to depart, they found themselves outside in the cold Montana night. While Isaiah was attempting to reach me, Sydney’s mom secured a room at the only hotel with vacancy in the area. It was approximately 10 miles from the airport with a shuttle system that had already shut down for the night. Lyft and Uber weren’t running either! The only option was for Alex to wake up and make the hour drive to the airport. As I mentioned in a previous blog, there are deer everywhere here. At night they seem to congregate by the roads, often times jumping right in front of unsuspecting vehicle. Being that he was woken from a deep sleep, I was worried about the possibility of him hitting a deer while on the drive to the airport. Thank God he made it to the airport, picked up Zay and Syd, dropped them off at the hotel and returned back to our RV safe and sound. The new flight left at 1p and they made it back to Las Vegas, finally!

Prior to this debacle, we had a great time visiting with them. We celebrated Noah’s Birthday a couple days early so we could spend it with them. His birthday celebration started off at the Glacier Highline in Coram, just a few miles from the West Glacier entrance. We got really lucky being that it was the last day they were open for the season. Noah did really well up in the trees but he was definitely more interested in the inflatable obstacle course located next to the ropes course.

After we had our fill of climbing, we headed to McDonald Lake which is located just inside the West Glacier entrance. I had ordered a birthday cake at the grocery store in Bigfork and the shore of this gorgeous lake was the perfect place for Noah to blow out his candles. After exploring the shoreline and skipping rocks for a bit, we sang happy birthday and cut the cake. Noah enjoyed his piece of cake in his underwear after venturing out into the crystal clear water and getting his shorts wet.

From Glacier Park, we decided to show Zay and Syd the Sweet Pickins Pumpkin Patch in Kalispell. In Las Vegas all of the pumpkin patches are located in parking lots. Visiting a real pumpkin patch is always a fun thing to do during the fall season!

We spent the next day in what has become one of our favorite towns, Whitefish! We drove all the way up to the top of the mountain to show Zay and Syd the beautiful view of the valley and of course of Whitefish Lake. The homes being built at the very top are absolutely gorgeous! After we came back down the mountain, Zay and Syd explored on their own and ate at a delicious Italian restaurant in downtown Whitefish. Alex, Noah and I found the cutest restaurant on the other side of the viaduct, the Bonsai Brewing Project. The outdoor seating allowed for Noah to collect rocks and leaves while we enjoyed a great dinner.

What evening is complete without a stop at the best ice cream shop around!?

Sweet Peaks Ice Cream in Whitefish

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